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CreateBase is aiming to inspire the next generation of creators through visceral creating experiences and learning through guided discovery.

At CreateBase, we have developed an online tool that merges the benefits of physical and digital learning. Our solution enables you and your students to create authentic solutions to real world problems by programming digital robots.

The Problem?

STEAM Teaching Tools

Physical tools are cost-prohibitive

Many schools struggle to find the budget for expensive physical products. Even if they do, there is often not enough for every student. This problem is made even worse when products inevitably break and need to be replaced. This invariably places restrictions on how students interact with the tool.

Physical tools are incompatible with online learning

In this tumultuous world that we live in, many students are forced or choose to learn remotely. Trying to teach across these different environments with physical tools is a struggle that is exacerbated by the price point of these products.

Digital tools lack authenticity

Most digital tools rely on step-by-step instructions to push students through coursework, with no relatability and little room for critical thinking. This often results in students lacking engagement, a purpose behind their learning, and the ability to apply what they learn.

Our Goals

At CreateBase, we envision a world where STEAM learning is driven not by standards and assessments, but by students’ desire for exploration and discovery, both within educational institutions and for the remainder of their lives.


STEAM is an abbreviation for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that incorporates creative aspects found in Arts.

Exploration and Discovery


We want everyone to have the confidence to

Dream of new ideas
Learn how to create them
Bring them to life

by utilising concepts and knowledge in STEAM subjects.

Our mission is to provide educators and learners with quality tools to:


Reduce the amount of time that teachers spend researching, planning and creating STEAM content so that they can focus on what they enjoy, teaching.


Deliver innovative educational content designed for modern learning, where students can learn STEAM subjects and the connections between them by solving real-world problems.


Make learning STEAM subjects more enjoyable, engaging and meaningful than existing offerings, for anyone, anywhere.

What we offer



We provide educators with a collection of Projects to give interactive, engaging and educational STEAM experiences to students.

Each Project guides students through the process of creating, testing and evaluating a solution to an authentic problem by applying our 5-step Creation Process.

Students interact with and program 3D simulations of robotic systems that merge the tangibility and engagement of physical robotics with the accessibility of a digital tool.

Projects integrate multiple STEAM disciplines and can be customised to suit the interests of students.


Curriculum-aligned Lesson Plans


Each Project comes with a fully detailed series of lesson plans for teachers that simplify the entire teaching process.

Lesson Plans:


Provide a complete framework for every teacher.


Ensure full curriculum alignment.


Include guides, explanations, examples and prompts.


Enable less admin, more teaching.


Provide flexibility for teachers to make it their own.

Interactive 3D Simulations


Each Project involves using one or more robotic systems to solve an authentic problem.

Students use 3D simulations of robotic systems to:


Build and test solutions to authentic problems.


Program robotic systems with flow-based visual programming.


Learn generalisable programming concepts like logic and problem solving, rather than arbitrary concepts like syntax.


Interact with 3D environments using realistic physics and mechanisms.


Learn through guided discovery rather than by following instructions.

Personalised & Gamified Platform


Projects are delivered through our online platform that can be accessed through an internet browser.

Teachers use our online platform to:


Create and manage classrooms.


Measure student progress and achievement.


Teach both in-person and remotely.


Let students own their learning with learning journals and self-reflection.

Projects Provide

Lesson Plans

Save teachers’ time creating educational STEAM content.

3D Simulations

Provide a fun and engaging learning experience for students.

One Platform

Means that everything for everyone is in one place!

Who is this for?


Teachers with students between the ages of 8 to 18. We accommodate teachers of all levels of expertise, from no knowledge of STEAM to experts in the field.

In the near future, we will open our platform to parents who want to supplement or become a part of their child’s school education.


The Team


For creators by creators

CreateBase was formed in 2020, intending to make high-quality STEAM education accessible. Our team of University of Auckland graduates uphold this, utilising our knowledge of engineering, business, design, and science to create the future of education.

Together, we will continue to dream, innovate, and create.

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Our Achievements

National winner of Red Bull Basement


CreateBase was the national winner of Red Bull Basement New Zealand 2020, and one of 38 finalists in the global Red Bull Basement program 2020.

Worldwide, more than 3800 student teams from all areas of study applied for the 2020 program by submitting a video explaining their idea. A public vote narrowed the field to six top ideas from students at The University of Auckland, The University of Waikato, The University of Otago, AUT, Victoria University. After careful consideration, a panel of judges chose the CreateBase as the best to represent the nation.

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Finalist in Velocity $100k Challenge


CreateBase was chosen as one of the 15 finalists in the Velocity $100k Challenge for 2020.

Across The University of Auckland, more than 80 teams from all areas of study applied for the 2020 Velocity $100k Challenge by submitting a report explaining their idea. A panel of judges selected the top 15 ideas, including CreateBase, to make through to the finals where we spent ten weeks developing our business strategy.

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